Mattress Cleaning Bayside

We commence our mattress cleaning process with vacuuming your mattress. Following that, we put on a special low moisture tool to remove any remaining dirt or debris without soaking the mattress. Then implement a spray that removes dust mites immediately on the mattress. Lastly, we dry the mattress.

What are Indoor Allergens and How May I Reduce Them?

The following are some ideas to help lessen the occurrence of indoor allergens in the home, and most crucially, in carpeting, which will hopefully ensure that your home remains a healthy place for your family.

- Always be sure to vacuum a lot. This is the most crucial step. Vacuuming must be performed one per week at minimum, and more if you are a pet owner. In order to free your home of animal hair and dander, human hair and dead skin cells, mold and its spores, dead bugs, dust and dust mites and their droppings, and soil and sand, you need to use that vacuum and often. For ideal results, implement a vacuum that is equipped with a high efficiency HEPA filter. We might help you locate the greatest vacuum for you home, so just call us at 1-800-470-4340

- If you own hard floors, don't sweep them. Though we all remember Mom cleaning the house completely with the broom and dust pan, all sweeping really does is spread the allergens into the air. To make your air clean and allergy free, you must vacuum even the hard surfaces, then follow it up with a moist mop.

- Don't let people walk in your home while wearing shoes. Outdoor pollutants will be put to a minimum.

- Make the fan of your forced air heating and cooling system operating constantly. A fan might make the air in your home circulate continuously, which will move it through any filters which are in place, eliminating harmful particles. Be certain to exchange the filters on your heating and air system every month. If you may, work with the high-efficiency HEPA filters.

Your carpet will have a longer life and your home will be more safe to stay in if you adhere to these suggestions.

Both humans and animals can propagate dust mites, and this can deal with many people negatively. Clean your animals outside of the home to keep dust mites from finding their way inside.

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