Rug Cleaning Bayside

Drop your rug by us and our rug cleaning professionals will make it look like its original self. It will be clean, soft, with a fluffy knap and even be odor-free and fresh-smelling. We will bring your rug to its new place and make it worth more for a longer period of time. Our professionals utilize quite a few steps to deal with rugs depending on your particular kind of rug.

When you bring us your rug, it is first examined to decide the cleaning process that will be best for it. Damage caused by moths, pets, water and fire are things we examine for. We also check to see if the color will fade or run, and the cleaning process is adapted to the rug’s needs.

Then the rug has a preliminary treatment.

Your rug is put in a specialized machine and shaken to displace the dirt then vacuumed. Dirt can destroy the fibers in your rug if they are not removed.

Now comes the opening stage of cleaning.

The rug is dropped in a water bath that destroys dirt and spots. The fringes and the rear side of the rug get a particularly careful cleaning.

Stage Two

Quite a few rug cleaning companies hire extraction techniques that keep soap trapped in the rugs, which means more debris and dust will be attracted to this residue. Our company utilizes an advanced cleaning method that saturates and then rinses rugs to verify that no cleaning products are left behind.

Drying And Grooming

To assist with the drying process and ensure your rug does not look mottled and lumpy, we comb and dry the carpet in line with the direction of the knap of the carpet fibers. We also comb out your delicate tassels and fringes. Then the area rug will be dried fast in a unique room which creates optimal drying conditions for your rug. The drying of each rug should be handled differently based on how much humidity and airflow it needs.

Boosting the Odor of Your Carpet

The fragrance that is incorporated both helps to sanitize the rug and freshen up the room in which the rug is placed. A number of different nice smells are available, such as baby powder, peach, cherry, and lemon.

Eventually, we perform a thorough examination after the cleaning.

Every rug is carefully looked at after all the other steps are completed. If the rug doesn’t pass the check, then it is put through the full procedure again until it does pass.

It does not matter the type of rug you have we are able to repair and restore it. A skilled team of rug repair people could cope with the many issues your beloved rug may have, such as frayed edges, moth holes, small tears, or tattered fringes or tassels. We can amend your rug to its original glory.

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